Unlocking the Power of Your Enrollment Data: Why Outsource Your Enrollment Data Analysis?

When participants at UPCEA’s Marketing, Enrollment Management, and Student Success conference were polled on their top three concerns, they were:




Partnering with experienced digital marketers can address all those problems and more.

Limited Budget: With your limited budget, you must ensure every dollar counts by targeting students most likely to enroll in your programs. Data helps you spend your budget more wisely. In addition, the data graphics that come with partnership help you make a case for increases in your budget to the higher-ups.

Understaffing: This is a problem throughout higher education right now—there simply are not enough
good candidates to hire, and there often isn’t enough budget to hire the number of people you could use to market your school effectively. When you partner with a marketing agency, you expand your capabilities. You have no onboarding, and you get people to help you who have experience in exactly what you need to have done—modernizing and targeting your marketing to get your enrollment up.

Selecting Target Markets: Sometimes, it’s hard to see the bigger picture when you are so far inside your own job. Having a team with a broader view of enrollment marketing helps you expand your vision of who your best students may be and where to find them. Using data analysis allows you to see your target prospects from different perspectives, giving you a direction for effective marketing that brings the right students to your university.

Download our 2023 Advance Education Enrollment Data WP to learn more ways on how to improve your enrollment.

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