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Advance Education is a digital marketing agency specializing in enrollment marketing for higher education, community colleges, and vocational schools. With partnerships with traditional four-year universities, community colleges, and technical and career schools, we help institutions level up marketing strategies for student recruitment as well as alumni outreach.

Advance Education provides sophisticated enrollment marketing campaigns for the digital age.

What makes us unique? We focus on student success while empowering higher education institutions to meet their enrollment goals. We craft customized, adaptable marketing campaigns, propelling institutions toward their enrollment goals, all while accounting for the human element.

Connections matter to students, and we excel in facilitating these crucial links for you. We can help you nurture lasting, meaningful relationships that support student success through data-driven insights and bespoke campaigns.

We also understand that no two organizations are alike—that’s why we personalize our campaigns to each individual institution. Whether you’re a 2-year college, a vocational school, or a graduate degree program, we can help you build meaningful connections with prospective students.

Learn more about our approach to see how we can transform your marketing campaigns.

Advance Education targets students and potential students better than anyone.

A Cookie-less Future is Coming – and We’re Ready

Advertisers have contended with targeting challenges since Safari started blocking cookies in 2017. When Google made a similar announcement in 2020, everyone took notice. Through all the changes, Advance Healthcare has evolved to meet the challenges and excel.

Part of Advance Local, Advance Education has been at the table with Google helping to determine how to protect consumer privacy and still give advertisers the flexibility they need to reach their marketing goals.

First-Party Data and a Nationwide Audience Means You Target Better

When 3rd party cookie targeting goes away, companies with the most data will have the best tools to find, target and reach the patients they want to talk to. Through our parent company, Advance Local, we reach 45 million people directly every year through our online brands. That data gives advertisers more data, more insights, more accurate targeting.

In addition to 1st party data, we have extensive data partnerships that further expand our reach and targeting capabilities without the use of third party cookies. Predictive algorithms based on our 45 million strong audience empowers our clients to more to beyond our own audience and more efficiently reach prospects across the United States.

Beyond 1st Party Data

We bring the best technology and marketing strategy

The landscape is always changing. We have the complete tech stack to target students – with and without cookies – including:

Audience Development and Activation

Advance Education has developed proprietary tools that use consumer databases to identify, select and onboard custom digital audiences based on demographics, buying behaviors and a multitude of other data – all in a privacy compliant way.

Identity Based Targeting

A cookieless identity solution that uses a privacy-compliant method to locate people and reach devices normally blocking 3P cookies (like Safari on iPhones, Firefox, etc.) and connects their behaviors across their other devices (desktop, tablets, etc.)

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting is an advertising technique where ads are placed near the content of a particular web page rather than relying solely on user data. Contextual targeting is making a strong comeback, fueled by AI advancements that allow us to build predictive behavioral segments based on the content consumed by these audiences.

Owned Data Onboarding

Customer contact data can be used to target audiences across the digital landscape. Our team can help you onboard lists, create segments, and reach those audiences on social media platforms, mobile devices, and through digital ad networks. We can expand these audiences using algorithms that locate lookalike consumers who have similar needs and characteristics.

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