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Starts with Quality Storytelling

The Advance Education team of experts transforms an institution’s tangible & intangible characteristics into a defining story. From there, we build dynamic digital marketing campaigns that reach target audiences through the most effective marketing strategies.

With the growing number of students & parents beginning the college exploration process as early as freshman year of high school, it’s more important than ever to have enrollment marketing strategies that touch students from exploration to enrollment. Our highly customized, data-driven marketing strategies enable clients to make that important touchpoint with students along every step of the student journey.

Amid the rapidly changing landscape of higher education, success depends on agile, individualized marketing strategy. That’s why we employ cutting-edge digital marketing tools to gather niche market insights, identify and implement effective marketing strategies and carefully monitor analytics throughout campaigns.


To achieve optimal results, it’s imperative that institutions market to prospective students on the most relevant mediums. With 52% of prospective students noting social media to be the platform on which they are most engaged in their college search, effective marketing across a variety of social media platforms is crucial in any campaign.

And while prospective students are heavily influenced by social media marketing, they’re not alone. Parents rely on social media and online searches for a large part of their college research. Building meaningful connections with students and parents depends on understanding where they’re looking to develop those relationships.

Through close institutional collaboration, we develop a customized marketing channel mix to target prospective students and their influencers, such as parents and counselors, in the most effective places and ways.



Narratives are extremely impactful, especially within the higher education arena. And while standard narratives around higher education resonate with many students, a standard, one-size-fits-all narrative no longer works with students.

Today, colleges & universities need well-crafted, distinct narratives that connect with changing demographics.

Most students enter college following a significant life event such as graduating from high school, losing a part-time or full-time job, deciding to change careers, etc. However, regardless of the circumstance, a common denominator in the decision-making process is the anticipated ROI from a college degree.

This underscores the fact that students already experience higher education through a narrative:

An inciting life event, as mentioned above, typically prompts them to consider higher education.

Prospective students explore and refine their search largely online.

Students apply to institutions they believe will help them best achieve their individual goals.

To foster meaningful connections, we create bespoke marketing campaigns centered on student success. By developing different narratives for different audiences, students are able to envision themselves succeeding through uniquely crafted narratives to which they can respectively relate.


Students, and especially parents, are results-oriented – and so are we. That’s why our custom marketing campaigns are designed to be agile and data-driven.

Results-oriented optimization is a strategic approach to improving enrollment marketing initiatives. While narratives can help students visualize success, results-oriented optimization helps ensure that you achieve the same success.


At Advance Education, we combine traditional enrollment marketing best practices with the very latest digital marketing strategies. This blended approach offers a holistic view of your enrollment goals. By putting your goals first, we empower you to make lasting connections through thoughtful narratives and data-driven strategies.

Your success is our success.

Contact us to learn more about how our cutting-edge digital strategies can help you achieve your enrollment goals, promote student success, and engage with both traditional and non-traditional students.

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