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In the last decade, the number of Americans with graduate degrees increased by 50%.

In 2011, only 10% of Americans had an advanced degree. By 2021, this number climbed to 14%. The 2020 lockdowns inspired many to enroll in graduate programs.

In the mid-20th century, many employers began requiring undergraduate degrees. Now, in the 21st century, some say a master’s degree is the new baccalaureate.

Occupations requiring master’s degrees are projected to continue growing by an astonishing 16.7% through 2026. Jobs requiring a doctorate are also projected to grow by around 15% in the same time frame, over double the growth rate for all other occupations.

This rising demand for credentials highlights the need for a targeted higher ed enrollment marketing strategy.

At Advance Education, we specialize in crafting personalized, narrative-based, data-driven enrollment campaigns. We connect higher education institutions with prospective learners to increase enrollment and promote student success.


In secondary education, most students chart a predictable path. In undergraduate programs, the path becomes less predictable, often featuring gap years, hiatus to launch a career, or family commitments.

In graduate school, these non-traditional journeys are even more prevalent, with many graduate students being adult members of the workforce.


Trigger event

Life transition inspires search

Graduation, new job opportunities, job, loss, changing economy, prompts search for “what’s next“

Research the options

Exploring the opportunities

Online research of schools and programs, online options, cost calculators and case studies of past student success

Preparing to Apply

Test prep and gathering information

Graduate test requirements, campus visits, talks with school admissions and department heads, applying for aid and scholarships


Culling the options

Prospects typically apply to only one or two schools

No two student journeys are alike, so a generic enrollment campaign leaves many students unengaged—essentially leaving enrollments on the table. Our marketing campaigns are adapted to fit your unique organization and applicant pool.

The diversity in student journeys boils down to some common steps:

  • First, a life transition inspires students to explore graduate programs.
  • Next, students begin researching their options, widening their pool of possible higher education institutions.
  • As students prepare to apply, they narrow their options to a few graduate programs.
  • Finally, prospective graduate students apply to their top one or two choices.

Here’s how our bespoke marketing campaigns help guide students through that journey:


Whether a student is motivated by the loss of a job, a new career opportunity, or finishing an undergrad program, they start their search for a graduate program.

Students experience this as a narrative: they know where they are and where they want to go, and aim for a graduate degree to bridge the two. Our narrative-driven enrollment marketing campaign fills in the missing piece of how they’ll get from point A to B.

We help you tell your story so students can easily visualize how your institution can help them achieve success.

As students begin their search, they may already have an idea of what institutions they’re interested in, or they may cast a wide net. These students tend to rely on digital channels like social media, web page advertisements, or streaming channel commercials to make their decision. So, it’s vital that you plant digital seeds in this early stage of their journey.


In this phase, students dig into their research using tools like tuition calculators and success stories.

While each student’s considerations are unique, common factors include:

  • Tuition cost
  • Program offerings
  • Location
  • Online study options
  • Research or career opportunities
  • Reputation/word of mouth
  • Faculty experience

To connect with students in this phase of their journey, your narrative needs to stand out.

Do you offer a unique program of study? A high-demand location? Hybrid class options? Your enrollment marketing campaign should highlight the unique value you bring to your students’ lives.


After preliminary research, they start narrowing down their options in this stage of their journey. During this stage, students may:

  • Prepare for graduate tests (GRE, LSAT, GMAT, etc.)
  • Visit campuses and speak with admissions counselors
  • Apply for financial aid and scholarships.

In this stage, students aren’t actively searching for new institutions, but taking steps toward enrolling in their top schools. Your enrollment campaign should ease their path to admission by facilitating connections with counselors, faculty members, scholarship offices, and career services.


Finally, students submit their final applications.

Out of the 1,000+ institutions in the U.S. that offer graduate programs, students typically apply to just one or two top choices.

We help you ensure you’re one of the institutions they apply to.

In this phase, your enrollment marketing campaign should keep reinforcing the story of how your institution can help students achieve success. Alumni engagement, case studies, and results-oriented marketing can all encourage prospective graduate students to commit to your institution.


Graduate students, even more than undergrad and vocational students, care about what makes your institution unique. Whether it’s a specialized degree program, outstanding faculty, or a proven record of student success, students care about your unique story.

If no two institutions are alike, why should their marketing campaigns be?

Advance Education crafts bespoke enrollment campaigns that are:

  • Informed by quality data
  • Fueled by cutting-edge digital tools
  • Inspired by the story of how your institution achieves student success

In the fiercely competitive world of graduate enrollment, maximize your chances for success by leveraging what makes your institution great.

Contact us to learn more about our game-changing higher education marketing strategies.

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