The College of Pharmacy has held a longstanding partnership with the marketing team at Advance Education. They took the time to educate me on each digital advertising product, our funding levels across products, ideal timing for different strategies, and how to optimize our inputs to get the best results. They listened to our unique program position, strategies for the cycle, and program highlights in order to make tailored recommendations. Each month, we review performance against industry benchmarks and make strategic adjustments. Their team allowed me to double the impact of our dollars spent and explore new markets that were cost prohibitive to recruit in person to. The team is quick to adapt strategies and create new content based on the campaign’s performance metrics, ensuring effectiveness and maximum impact of our dollars.

I highly recommend Advance Education to any educational institution looking to redefine its marketing strategy and achieve unparalleled enrollment success. For admissions offices, they are able to integrate directly into your needs and CRM without requiring digital marketing expertise. Here’s to many more years of collaboration and triumphs!

Kara Bowen, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center – College of Pharmacy

Our remarkable 250% increase in applications is a testament to the power of strategic collaboration. Our enrollment marketing partnership with Advance Education has not only elevated the USA College of Nursing’s visibility, but also ignited a passion for nursing education among aspiring students. Together, we are shaping a future filled with compassionate caregivers and visionary leaders.

Dr. Heather Hall, University of South Alabama College of Nursing

In addition to consistent and creative messaging, our team at Advance Education brings stellar insight to communication at Shelton State. They are committed not only to our institutional goals, but also to personal connection and a unique plan for optimizing our budget. We are incredibly grateful for their expertise.

Lisa Waldrop, Shelton State Community College

I have learned a lot from you and your team in the short time we have worked together. You have changed the way we do business. Thanks for all that you have done for this campus.

Cassandra Connor, PhD, Vice President, Traditions Campus, William Carey University
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The Annual PARENT & Student Survey

Advance Education conducted a nationwide survey to learn what students and their parents are looking for from institutions – and the right marketing channels to reach them.

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