A community college’s digital marketing success

The Challenge

A prominent community college operating under a statewide network of two-year colleges aimed to expand its influence and boost enrollment figures beyond its traditional service areas. Despite being one of the largest institutions in its category, engaging a broader audience and converting interest into actual enrollment numbers posed a significant challenge.



click-through rate (CTR)


targeted visits




increase in Y.O.Y users in targeted geography

How We Did it

Digital Display Campaign

We launched with a focused digital display strategy targeting individuals with higher education intent, such as parents and seniors, across selected counties. We founded our strategy on:

  • Utilizing exclusive, first-party data from our leading local news platforms to understand user behavior and preferences.
  • Integrating third-party data to enrich audience targeting with insights on purchase behavior, household income, and employment.

Extended Reach Display

We expanded our reach by targeting the same demographic across an extensive network, with a creative focus on online programs and the application process, thereby widening our impact.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram became key platforms for engaging potential students, with tailored content emphasizing the application process and showcasing the college’s diverse program offerings.

Paid Search (SEM)

We implemented a strategic search engine marketing campaign to capture the attention of those actively searching for educational programs, directing them toward the college’s offerings and boosting website traffic.

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The Prospective Student Journey:

Reaching Traditional College Students

We have identified four specific points in the journey where schools can make small changes that can increase the number of incoming students. Learn how to implement these changes and optimize these opportunities.

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