Increasing enrollment with online video marketing

The Challenge

A medical assistant and nursing career training facility wanted to increase enrollment and generate more leads from prospective new students. They wanted to convey information about their programs and make an emotional connection with prospects.


37% increase

in attributable form-fill conversions

Enrollment outpaced last year by


Evening classes reached

100% capacity

within 45 days

How We Did it

We encouraged the client to implement an online video program. With their 30-second spots, the facility could target various prospective students based on education levels and aspirational goals. By redirecting part of their ad budget away from radio, which delivers only a broad, unspecified audience, the client could reach their optimal target audience effectively. The marketing program also included targeted email and Facebook ads to promote their schedule of evening classes.

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The Prospective Student Journey:

Reaching Traditional College Students

We have identified four specific points in the journey where schools can make small changes that can increase the number of incoming students. Learn how to implement these changes and optimize these opportunities.

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