University of North Alabama

University of North Alabama is one of the leading Universities in the State of Alabama. However, they wanted to increase their market share in a few new markets. They began working with Alabama Media Group to increase brand recognition across several different areas in Alabama and Tennessee.

Key Campaign Objectives

  • Deliver form fills for people interested in registering

  • Drive more demand, users to the website

  • Break into new markets and expand current reach in Alabama and Tennessee


Digital Display

Digital Display on and Extended Reach Network

The digital awareness campaign starts with sending University of North Alabama’s message to a strategically designed target audience of higher education intent located in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Memphis and Nashville. These users are targeted with display ads on and re-messaged with display ads on the extended network.

To define our higher education intent audience, we take into account:

  • Exclusive, first-party data (information collected by and affiliates that looks at what a user is reading, commenting on, and where they are located)
  • We combine this with third-party data (information from outside data sources such as purchase behavior, household income, employment, etc.)


Through constant monitoring, ongoing campaign optimization, and regular face-to-face meetings to discuss campaign performance and evolving short-term and long-term goals, Alabama Media Group was able to achieve the following:

  • 16,696 highly targeted website visits from campaign

  • 14,834,379 impressions

  • 28,741 hours of exposure

  • 347,158 ad interactions

  • 41,721 page views from AMG campaigns

  • 246 form fills

  • 14,322 new users reached

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