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Unlocking the Power of Your Enrollment Data

Unlocking Power of Your Enrollment Data: You’re sitting on a very precious resource that can mean the difference between drastically underperforming enrollment numbers or holding steady – or better – during an enrollment cliff in the number of college students.

Your data, even the smallest bits you have at your fingertips, can be the key to unlocking ideas that can change the health of your university’s enrollment, help you better serve the students you recruit, and point you toward ways of expanding your admissions pipeline to bring in students who will benefit from the programs at your school.

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Advance Education Insights

Your CRM (customer relationship manager, i.e. Slate) and enrollment data are a treasure trove, full of insights that will help you to define your target students and effectively market the unique qualities of your programs to them. If you haven’t yet unlocked the value of your data, let us help you uncover the insights that will fill seats in classes and make your team look like a hero to administration.

What can your enrollment data do?

  • Increase your applicant pool
  • Improve your enrollment yield
  • Solve one of the biggest challenges for college marketers: who are my targets?
  • Motivate staff toward a concrete goal
  • Encourage and smooth cross-departmental collaboration
  • Track your progress and the success of your efforts
  • Yield insights about easily fixable problems in your organization
  • Provoke new ideas that will help your institution grow
  • Help you retain students
  • Better define different prospective student pools
  • Justify your budget requests to the administration
Student Journey Infographic

The Unlocking the Power of Your Enrollment Data Whitepaper highlights that with enrollment trends constantly shifting, it’s important to keep best practices top-of-mind to keep enrollment at optimal levels for the changing circumstances. Exploring and expanding methods of reaching potential students works simultaneously with the recruiting process, but it’s important to consider coordination with school counselors and parents to influence students to choose your school. Students want to lead the research process, so it’s imperative your school’s website is up-to-date, easy to navigate and keeps students engaged.

Check out our insights page for great content to help support your marketing efforts.

Let’s work together on your student enrollment strategy.

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