Q&A with Kelly Williams

What is the favorite part of your job and the impact you make?

Building relationships and trust with my clients. My goal for every client is to have them trust me and continue with a long-time partnership. I love knowing our thoughtful digital strategies are helping my clients achieve their goals.

Which of the challenges higher education faces do you hear most during conversations w/ clients?

The pandemic had a significant impact and challenged the higher education industry. The challenges they faced in 2020 have continued as most are still navigating the new norm. The in person recruiting efforts basically ceased and clients had to find other ways to recruit like targeting potential students through digital campaign strategies. Class instruction has changed completely since the beginning of the pandemic. Colleges and Universities had to quickly switch from 100% in person to many more online & hybrid instruction opportunities. This brought additional needs in building their online programs which has probably been the biggest challenge knowing they can reach a larger geographic footprint and need help doing this.

Why are clients going to love working with you?

Because their goals are my goals and detailed insights I provide each month.

Share one of your favorite ad campaigns

My favorite ad campaign is definitely a branding campaign for Leroy Hill Coffee Co. They were going through a name change from Hill & Brooks Coffee to Leroy Hill Coffee Co. The owner had recently gone through some tough life events and was in the process of building the reputation & awareness for his newly named coffee company. In preparation of the campaign, I went to his beautiful property to discuss the details and learn more about the “why” of his company name change. I was so impressed with his devotion and “why” of the name change, I knew we had to create the perfect ads to convey his passion of using his name, Leroy Hill, for his brand!

The creative was filled with beautiful images and messaging of the history of what made his company successful and the future which included his new brand and new products. There was nothing greater than knowing his goal was accomplished and the client was so happy!

Favorite podcast

IG Family Savvy – she lives in the south and shares favorite recipes, favorite things, cleaning tips, etc.

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