Where did you go to college and what did you major in?

Auburn University – Graphic Design

Auburn University is known for their design programs and I knew from my early high school years that my major was going to be in the design field.

What is the favorite part of your job and the impact you make?

I’m a graphic designer that made the leap into sales (20 years experience in design // 10 years experience in sales). I always knew my career would be designing experiences / campaigns and helping businesses bring their stories to an audience in thoughtful and effective ways. Collaborating w/ clients to build their brands and help them design better processes for their internal operations is my life’s work, and even more rewarding has been developing my team’s talent and passion for helping local communities. I believe the genesis of lasting innovation across great organizations happens on a local level, and creating a spirit of innovation (and revenue success) is how our work sparks across markets while impacting the overall organization from the local level is one of the primary motivations of my career.

Which of the challenges higher education faces do you hear most during conversations w/ clients?

Immediate College Enrollment Rate.

Being a first generation college student, I have always known higher education would be the key for many unlocks across my life and I deeply value the experience.
As a lifelong student, I recently learned what the Immediate College Enrollment Rate represents and seeing the trend line barely achieve a passing grade illustrates the need for powerful storytelling and showcasing value across all brands in higher education.

I believe our biggest competition in higher ed is potential students that decide not to continue their higher education.

Share one of your favorite advertising campaigns

University of South Alabama – College of Nursing – Keep Learning (ladder campaign).

Favorite podcast

Pivot w/ Kara Swisher & Scott Galloway

The format of having two partners discuss technology and business challenges of our time is a must listen each week. Scott Galloway is also the founder of my favorite micro-credential continued education brand Section.