Can You Market Backwards? Reverse Direct Mail Lookup for Colleges

Everything is online—everything, that is, except for direct mail. If you have the addresses of potential students, you can certainly send them direct mail. But direct mail is costly, and it’s not always effective. Our survey found that only about 14% of high school students pay the most attention to mail from colleges. On the other hand, over 30% listed social media, and over 32% cited emails as the source of information they look at the most attention. Add social media and email together, and digital delivery of college messages gets four times more engagement than direct mail! Let’s explore how you can use this information to your advantage in marketing your higher education institution.

What is Reverse Direct Mail Lookup?

The modern world is a wonder, and through our connected digital universe, we can now put information together in different ways than ever before. Now, if you have a lead’s street address and name, you can market to them with email or targeted online advertising. While we all need to be mindful of privacy concerns, it is possible to use this information wisely and for good ends—to successfully inform potential college students about your programs!

Multiplying the Effect of Direct Mail with Digital Retargeting

If you still use direct mail, and many colleges and universities still do, you want to get every cent of value out of your slick mailings. One excellent and affordable way to do this is by using reverse direct mail lookup to find ways to target them online. Then, you can also send an email and direct ads to the prospects who probably have that beautiful mailer sitting on the table in their entryway. In addition, your digital efforts could prompt that potential student to look more carefully at your well-designed informational mailer and significantly increase its value.

Students may be looking at many direct mail pieces from different higher education institutions. Digital retargeting can help your school’s name stick out and have more traction as students research their college choices. Even if a potential student has already opened your direct mail reach-out, digital reminders reinforce that message.

Use Digital Instead to Get Students’ Attention

If you happen to have student lists with mailing addresses, but you don’t want to go to the expense of sending direct mail, then digital methods could be your best option. Reverse direct mail lookup can give you the information to use other marketing channels to get your message to this group without cutting down a single tree. Email and online advertising can be very effective and reduce costs while still reaching your targets. Just because you have a street address doesn’t mean that physical mail is the best way to get a student’s attention—consider using the tools of today to meet students where they spend most of their time—online!

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