navigating the enrollment cliff whitepaper

Navigating the Enrollment Cliff


In this whitepaper, we dive into the enrollment cliff. Almost all colleges have seen decreased enrollment over the past decade. Predictions for an even steeper enrollment cliff in 2026 have higher education professionals worried.

With reduced populations of high school graduates in the pipeline for college, there are challenges ahead for higher education. But there are ways to help soften the impact on your institution. Navigating this drop will require strategy and introspection to find the students who will thrive in your institution. In this paper, we will explore the enrollment trends, predictions for 2023 and beyond, and strategies to help support healthy enrollment yields for the coming years.

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higher education marketing whitepaper: enrollment cliff

Preview from the higher education marketing whitepaper:

The most recent figures are encouraging, with increases in enrollment in many states. West Virginia, Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky all saw some enrollment increases, but it was uneven. For all southeastern states, enrollment rates in two-year institutions dropped, while most saw rising enrollment in graduate programs, most notably in Mississippi, which saw an almost 19 percent increase. The rates for private vs. public 4-year institutions were mixed, with some rising and some falling.

The differences from among states and between types of institutions and programs highlight the variable nature of this enrollment drop for the southeastern region. All institutions will have challenges, and the path forward may include a varying mixture of program types and student profiles to keep schools afloat. Studying the patterns in your state, region, and among your students can yield surprising insights that can help you to formulate effective strategies to find and nurture the most appropriate students for your institution.

higher education marketing whitepaper: enrollment cliff

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