2024 Outlook whitepaper

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2024 Parent & Student College Survey Webinar

We are excited to present our follow-up to last year’s Parent & Student survey whitepaper – an in-depth webinar with the team here at Advance Education.

Post-secondary education faces many challenges – from a looming demographic enrollment cliff to rising costs and interest rates. Prospective students are scrutinizing their options more closely than ever before – and they aren’t the only ones. The parents of today’s GenZ youth are side-by-side with the student in the buyer’s seat when it comes to such a large commitment of time and money.

In this webinar, the team discusses the findings from our June-July 2023 nationwide survey of both teens and parents of teens from their freshman year in high school through their first year in college. Learn more about the challenges facing post-secondary education, what students and their parents are looking for from institutions, and the right marketing channels to reach them.

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